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Application of Butt Welding Pipe Fittings
Date:2016-10-27      View(s):1445      Tag:pipe fittings, butt welding pipe fittings, butt welded pipe fittings

The butt welding pipe fitting end is connected to the end of pipes or fittings by butt welding joint (what is butt welding pipe fitting), it could be connected to weld neck flange too. The diameter and thickness of the pipes and fittings ends should be in same size and schedule and material. The butt welding joint cound be installed by manual or machine welding and inspected after welding.    The following picture is a butt welding joints of  a steel pipe , a steel tee and a weld neck flange in haihao factory for pre-fabrication.

Butt welding pipe fittings commonly are used for pipe joints which are not changed and assembled. For example,   underground piping systems, long distance pipelines.
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