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US Steel Pipe Makers Compliaint Chineses Unfiar Trade Pipe
Date:2016-10-23      View(s):1427      Tag:steel pipe, steel pipe maker, structural steel pipe

The US steel pipe manufacturer has filed formal allegations about the Chinese steel pipe manufacturer are evading high import duties to supply the material for solar PV foundations. The US manufacturers complaint that the trade law did not create a level playing filed for national industry and national workers. 

In a move reminiscent of the trade cases over PV cell and module imports, anti-dumping and anti-subsidy (countervailing) import duties were imposed on Chinese circular welded steel pipe in 2008, with dumping margins set at 69-86% and subsidy rates at 30-617%.

The behind reason is the demand for oil country tubular goods is decreasing, mean while the deman d for structural steel pipe is increasing. In recent years with the development of solar energy, structural steel pipe used for solar installations is increasing. The US manufacturers complaint that the Chinese steel pipe manufacturers have overtaken their opportunities and profit by unfair trade. 

This is not the first time Western companies have filed for trade action regarding products that are components in the solar industry. European solar glass makers successfully petitioned for anti-dumping and CVD duties on Chinese solar glass which were imposed in May 2014 and increased in August 2015.

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