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Carbon steel pipe in China
Date:2016-10-23      View(s):1524      Tag:carbon steel pipe, carbon steel pipe in China

Carbon steel pipe is made by steel ingots or slid steel billiet. The capillary is made through the perforation technique, and then use hot rolled or cold rolled or cold drawn process to made the finished carbon steel pipe. In China, carbon steel pipe occupies an important position, carbon steel pipe is one significant steel pipe in the Chinese industry. According to incomplete statistics, Chinese existing carbon steel pipe prodcution enterprises is about 240, and there are over 250 sets of carbon steel pipe production units with an annual output capacity of 450 milltion tons. About the outside diameter data, there are 25% of carbon steel pipe units for processing small diameter carbon steel pipe(od<76mm). And over 25% of units is for processing large diameter carbon steel pipe. From the pipe type, there are around 54% of general type carbon steel pipe in Chinses market, oil country tubular goods is accounted  for 5.7%, and hydraulic pillars and precision tubes is about 4.3% of the total market needs in China. 

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