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We Won 2016 Hunan Enterprises Top 100 !
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In October, Hunan Industrial Economic Federation, Federation of Enterprises of Hunan province, Hunan Entrepreneurs Association issued the 2016 Hunan,top 100 enterprises of hunan, 2016 Top 50 of Hunan Manufacturing Enterprises and Service Enterprises Top 50 list. Shinestar Holdings Gruop hornored as the "2016 top 100 Enterprises of Hunan" as operating income amounted to 2.14003 billion yuan, which shows the Shinestar well strength of enterprises again.

"2016 top 100 Enterprises of Hunan" selection activities, to fully implement the 18th CPC National Congress , Third ,Forth ,Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th and the economic work conference spirit, better sum up the experiences of large enterprise development in hunan province, make enterprise development strategy under the new normal and hunan policy research, encourage enterprises to become bigger and stronger, promoting new industrialization of hunan province, improve the quality and efficiency of economic development, promote healthy steady economic development.

Shinestar Group
It is reported, "the Top 100 Enterprises of Hunan" selection activities have been carried out for 13 years.The standard of this ranking top mainly according to 2015 enterprise annual operating revenue, its research has become the "barometer" enterprise strength of hunan.

Shinestar Holdings Group, is a foothold in China, services the global large-scale steel production enterprise, is committed to global customers with high quality steel products and services. Business scope covers from the production, processing, storage, marketing, logistics, materials collection and project management in the world.

As a representative of the Chinese steel industry, after 23 years of tempered, Shinestar built on the basis of quality production, integration services as the guarantee, the global trade as the engine of the perfect platform, from Changsha, deep plowing in Hunan, to the world, the development of every step, are sonorous and powerful.

Shinestar in the globalization process of the development of the strategy, writing a pen and ink: international trade strike out, Dubai and Sydney two overseas business division, and Threeway, Great steel pipe Wuhan branch, Bright stainless companies established. Overseas market further consolidate; Nanchang and Tianjin two production bases completed and put into production, Hebei production base of strategic cooperation reached, the Group Research & Development production  platform has become increasingly mature and perfect; Domestic trade across the board gains, creating a miracle after another.

In the future,Shinestar will continue to build a global coverage, competitive sales and trade network for the achievements of the domestic "carrier-class" steel procurement services as a whole and a hundred years benchmarking enterprises, and continuous efforts. 

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