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EU Restarts Chinese Seamless Pipe Anti-dumping Investigation
Date:2016-09-24      View(s):1630      Tag:seamless pipe, seamless steel pipe, seamless pipe anti-dumping investigation

September 9, 2016, the European Commision issued a notice that they restart anti-dumping investigation for the origin of seamless steel pipe from China. Interest related side has the right to submit their opinions, provide information and evidence within 20 days after the publication of this announcement. Written requests for retrail hearings need to be filed within 15 days after the publication of this announcement. This restarted investigation of the anti-dumping case of seamless steel pipe in China was based on the decision of the European Court of Justice on 7 April 2016. The purpose is to dismiss the appeal and abolish the Council Regulation (EC) No 926/2009, that is, Hebei Xinyang Steel Co., Ltd, the anti-dumping duties imposed on the products involved shall be null and void from the beginning. The anti-dumping duties shall be redunded in accordance with the applicable customs legislation. The Chinese manufacturers and exporters shall apply the provisions of Commission Regulation No. 2015/2272 to restart the anti-dumping investigation. In order to determin the affirmative sunset review of the final product whether the product should be repealed on July 9, 2008, the EU originating in China's seamless steel pipe anti-dumping investigation. On Octorber 6, 2009, the European Union made definitive final ruling on the case. The combined product Nomenclature is encoded as ex73041910, ex73041930, ex73042300, ex73042910, ex73042930, ex73043120, ex73043180 and the like. October 3, 2014, the EU anti-dumping investigation on the case of sunset review. December 8, 2015, the EU made the case of anti-dumping sunset referee final affirmative.

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