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Korean Mills Compete with Chinese Steel Mills in Southeast Asia
Date:2016-09-17      View(s):1640      Tag:hot rilled steel, cold rolled steel

Korea Iron & Steel Association (KOSA) data showed that during Jan to July, South Korea hot rolled coil and cold rolled coil exports has significantly increased in Southeast Asia. The main reason for the growth is Korean Mills are trying to turn to alternative markets from the traditional market due to internatioanl trade protection. In particular in new investment Pohang in Southeast Asia to benefit from Korean Mills. US has levy anti-dumping duties on hot and cold rolled coils from South Korea. So Korean Mills had to turn to the Southeast Asian Market. During Jan to July, South Korea exports up by 7.2 to 35.9% of HRC to Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. And exports up by 10.2 to 19.9% of cold rolled products to Indomesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Posco currently operating in Vietnam, with a production capacity of 1.2 million tons of collded rolled plant. Thereby the increasing exports HRC to Vietnam is for the cold rolling mill supply base.

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