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Response to the US Dumping Preliminary Ruling
Date:2016-09-16      View(s):1539      Tag:stainless steel products, anti-dumping investigation, anti-dumping measures

Ministry of Commerce, trade remedy investigations bureau issued a statement on the US preliminary Chinese stainless steel strips dumping. American Washington Times, Spetember 12, 2016, the US Department of Commerce preliminary ruling on the origin of make-dumping investigation on Chinese stainless steel sheet and strips, finds that Chinses enterprises anti-dumping tax rate of 63.86% to 76.64%. Ministry of Commerce, trade remedy investigations bureau issued statement. 

The official said that in the circumstances of the case and other mandotory respondent enterprises involved actively cooperate with the investigation, the US investigating authorities refused for various reasons and evidence submited by the demands of enterprises, cut out the high tax, trade protectionism is vey obvious. Chinses iron and steel enterprises strongly dissafisfied the the US approach, the Chinses government will take all necessay measures to safeguard the interests of enterprises. 

The official pointed out, the United States ask other countries to open their markets and eliminate trade barriers at the same time, again and again, by trade remidy investigations closed its domestic market, steel prices for the United States to provide overprodcution. China expressed serious concern for this practice. China urges the US side to honor the commitment against trade and investigation protectionism in any form of the Group of Twenty(G20) summit in Hangzhou make to implement the US leaders' effective management and control differences, deepen Sino-US economic and trade relations. The consensus to improve the overall global trading environment has played a positive role. 

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