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Ukrainian Steel Industry in 2016
Date:2016-09-02      View(s):1832      Tag:steel industry, steel production, steel exports

In the half year of 2016, Ukrainian Metal Manufacturers Association (Metallurgprom) data shows that in the first half of 2016 Ukrainian domestic steel industry is getting optimistic. The steel production, domestic shipments and exports have showed growth.

The Ukrain's crude steel production is 12.4 million tons, up by 10%. The salable steel output is 10.85 million tons, increasing by 11%. The open-hearth steel production accounted for 1/5, and the electric furnance steel production accounted for 5%. Domestic steel shipments is 1.6 million tons, up by 7%, domestic shipments accounted for 15% of steel production. Ukrainian steel exports have double-difit growth, up by 11% to 9.2 million tons, accounting for exports of steel production ratio remained at 85%. Ukrainian steel exports mainly to the main semi-finished wood, slabs and billets by 46% of total exports, accounting for25% of long products and 30% of flat products. 

During the same period, the investments and number of employees in Ukrainain mills decreased. The investment totalling USD 104 million, down 16% year by year. The number of employees is 11.4 million, down 11%. Most of investment is from ArcelorMittal, Ukraine KryviyRih Company, Metinvest, Zaporozhye and Llyich Steel. 

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