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Latin America Steel Market and Trade
Date:2016-09-01      View(s):1651      Tag:seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe consumption, seamless steel pipe imports


According to the data released by Latin American Iron and Steel Institute, the consumption of steel in Latin America was 31.4 million tons during the half year of 2016. In details, the consumption of steel plate is 16.6 million tons accounting for 46% of total consumption, the consumption of long steel products is 14.4 million tons accounting for 46% in total, and the consumption of seamless steel pipe is 399,000 tons only accounting for 1% totally.
During the same time, the total production of finished steel in Latin America is 25.1 million tons, which is down 7%. Brazil is still the largest steel producing country which has produced 10.2 million tons of finished steel products. It accounted for 41% of total production in Latin America. Then followed by Mexico with 9.3 million tons and accounted for 37% of total production. Compared with finished steel, the production of crude steel totaled 28.5 million tons, down 11%. crude steel production from Brazil is 14.9 million tons, down 13%, still accounting for 52% of Latin America's total output.
In the same time, the steel imports has achieved 10.4 million tons, down 21%. In details, imports of plate is 700 million tons, accounting for 67% of total; longs steel imports is 3.2 million tons, accounting for 29%; seamless steel pipe imports is 192,000 tons, accounting for 2% in total. 
Currently, the proportion of import steel products in steel consumption is 33%. While, Latin American countries has exported 4.5 million tons of steel,  with an increase rate of 11%. In details, steel plate export volum is 240 million tons, accounting for 53% of total steel exports; long steel exports is 1.8 million tons, acconting for 39% in total and seamless steel pipe exports is 345,000 tons, accounting for 8%.
Trade Deficit:
Latin America countries steel trade shows a defict, the net importf is 5.9 million tons. Brazil is the only country to maintain a steel trade surplus, the net exports is 1.8 million tons. While Mexico is the country has the largest steel trade feficit, the net imports is 2.9 millions. Followed by Colombia with a net imports 1.2 millions, Chile 789,000 tons and Peru 786,000 tons.
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