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Women's Volleyball Spirit Shines Shinestar Forward
Date:2016-08-22      View(s):2765      Tag:women's volleyball spirit

Rio Olympics, Lang Ping and her volleyball girls won the most exciting gold medal. Almost can not qualify in the group stage, but they took on a new look with a few days, and continuous defeat their opponents to win the Champions. This is a rare miracle in the Olympic history. This is a perfect portrayal of sports spirit, called Epic Olympic.

More important than a gold medal, women's volleyball team don't give up, tenacious, unity and struggle, very strongly arouse whole society of national pride,activation of the 80's of the 20th century legends of the fall collective memory, gather up the lofty spirit of the value of certain consensus. Since the last century 80's birth, women's volleyball team spirit beyond the sport, inspired people from all walks of life. To return to the stage of world sport of China sports, In just a few years, it has cast a master of the women's volleyball team.To return to the global modernization journey of China, 30 years time becomes the world's second largest economy. Wonders of the women's volleyball, women's volleyball team spirit, as a pioneer, as an example, inspired the Chinese miracle, shaping the spirit of the Chinese to become era of reform and opening up the national spirit of the component and the kernel symbol.

Today, Shinestar  in the stage of globalization  is make unremitting effort to continue to promote enterprise growth, to create a platform for employees and realize the value, solve problems, create value for customers, and ultimately create "benchmarking enterprise" in one hundred in the field of steel overall service goal. In this period, the road of enterprise is the same as the prospect of the China women's volleyball before Olympic.. Have a certain strength, but also full of uncertainty. The Key is to see how to realize yourself, to have self-confidence, enough cohesion and fighting!

The spirit of the Chinese women's volleyball team persist, courage and hard work is Shinestar Group guide of beacon. Shinestar Group after 23 years of tempered, built on the basis of quality production, integration service as guarantee, the globalization trade as the engine of the perfect platform. Twenty-three years, Shinestar talent never retreat, always forward, based from Changsha, deep tillage hunan province, to the national layout, to go global, each step of the development are powerful. In the tempered, Shinestar Group now has 15 subsidiaries, service penetration to production, procurement, sales, processing, logistics, business to go global, domestic and international, and has been widely accepted by the customers, partners, employees and society, continuously realizing the business from good to excellent forward.

A country, the historical process of an enterprise, hard to avoid winding ups and downs, but we can not lose, is connected by blame condensation of frame of mind, is struggle more than the spirit of struggling ambition. For our Shinestar feelings in, in the spirit, the position of courage to face the difficulty, have done accurately the outcome between the top is conscious of the competitiveness of has again hit high hope and possibility. We have reason to believe that, in the women's volleyball team spirit, under the stimulus of Shinestar of tomorrow will create more miracles.

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