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Specification Lists of Scaffolding Items
Date:2016-08-17      View(s):2322      Tag:scaffolding , scaffolding manufacturer

1. The erection of scaffolding must be added a base or foundation, and the foundation of treatment. This project poling brace on the foundation slab directly or old soil, foundation pit bottom add tie bearing. Old soil surface laid foundation pit bottom plate must be smooth and shall not be suspended, placed the base should be pull and pull rod, spacing dimension by the regulation to be fixed after placement.

2. Steel pipe scaffolding erection sequence is: put sweeping bar (close to the ground of the ledger, height of 20 cm) and by the root set upright, then to sweep the floor and rod fastening of the small bar and rod or sweep the floor and rod fastening, the first step of ledger (with the vertical pole fastening) -  first step putlog - the second step of ledger - adding temporary inclined strut (upper main rail fastening, and the second step in installing two wall behind the bar can be dismantled) - the third step, four main rail and putlog to wall rod with Ann, Ann, put the stud - added a bracing - scaffolding plank.

3. Stud set must be equidistant to straight, the longitudinal spacing shall not be more than 1.8 m. Poling horizontal spacing of 1.0 m, poling from metope to 40 cm. Putlog vertical spacing interval) (that is, the scaffold is 1.8 m, the underlying interval shall not be greater than 2 m, small bar pick out the inside and the length of the stud shall not be less than 30 cm and 15 cm respectively.     Scaffolding outside every 9 m must establish a bracing, and the Angle of the ground should be controlled in 45 ° to 60 ° between top-down set in a row.

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