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Characteristics of Stamping Elbow
Date:2016-08-01      View(s):2018      Tag:stamping elbow, gas pipeline, water vapor pipeline

Stamping elbow is used in water supply pipe, water vapor pipeline, gas pipeline, oil pipeline connection. Stamping elbow color is black, right angle camber, excellent quality, wear resistance, not easy to damage. Stamping elbow standard is 1/2-10 inch, the products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power and other professional pipeline equipment, equipment, matching and other effects.

Here is the characteristics of stamping elbow

First, the environmental protection: PE-RT can be used to recover, do not pollute the environment. PEX can not be recovered will be secondary pollution; stamping elbow pipe development trend: stamping elbow material not only has qualified the creep rupture curve and the pipe price moderate, construction relative to other types of convenience, convenient, connection methods are attributed to the standard at this stage is the most reliable inter penetration of hot melt connection method, pipe parts of aperture is greater than the inner diameter of the same pipe standard, in the system because there is no necking part of the mechanical connection methods, so system fluid resistance is relatively small.

Two, a long time pressure function, only from the description of stress, the standard stamping elbow pressure function is the best. However, due to various factors, the floor heating pipe practice wall thickness is generally 2mm. And in this wall thickness of all kinds of pipe can be satisfied with the demand for floor heating, stamping elbow pipe pressure superiority performance does not come out.

Three, low temperature heat shock resistance: PE--RT and PEX resistance to low temperature impact function better. Winter construction is susceptible to the impact of pipe rupture, increase the flexibility of the organization construction.

Four, stamping elbow pressure function is the best. But due to various factors, floor heating pipe of the actual wall thickness of and in the thickness of the various types of pipes can be satisfied with floor heating demand, GB punching elbow pipe pressure advantage does not come out; thermal conductivity: for floor heating demand for pipe has good thermal conductivity.

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