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Standard Way to Rent A Scaffolding Product
Date:2016-07-30      View(s):1920      Tag:scaffolding product, scaffolding steel pipe, scarffolding

It is very important for the construction of personnel due to the use of scaffolding is not standard as a lot of accidents, they have a lot of things can be avoided, use the specification, to avoid unnecessary accidents as scaffolding leasing tip during the erection of scaffolding.  

On the scaffolding erection site if you have the power cord or electrical equipment must conform to the safe interval, adopt measures to stop the erection and dismantling. Necessary to install temporary lighting, should add insulator metal scaffolding should be another set of wooden cross arm. It is forbidden to scaffold on floor insensitive directly and without calculated loading on the structure of the department, or the scaffolding and scaffolding fixed on the structure of the building is not very strong, such as railings, pipe, etc.). Scaffolding at both ends, the corner, and every 6 to 7 columns should set knife hold and strut, 7 m high above can't set the strut, vertical every 4 meters, transverse every 7 meters must be connected to the building firm.   Scaffolding and each other should be connected firmly. Scaffolding must be fixed on the metal scaffolding beam. In ramps on both sides, and scaffolding working face lateral ramps turning, should be set 1 m high railing, and set up in the lower part of the 18 cm tall guard board. It is forbidden to conveniently with the barrel, wood, brick and other building materials take temporary planks instead of regular scaffold.

In order to prevent the compression of tube bending shelf fastener drop from the pipe head, each bar intersecting end were greater than 10 cm. Load more than 270 kg/m2, or form a special scaffold should carry on the design.  

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