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US Hot-dipped Galvanized and Al-Zn Coil Prices Trend
Date:2016-07-22      View(s):1874      Tag:hot dip galvanized, Al-Zn coil, galvanized pipe price trend

Quick News:
United States domestic hot-dip galvanized and Al-Zn coil spot prices remained stable, hot dip galvanized prices were at US$904~926/ton or US$820~840/short ton, ex-factory prices in the Midwest; Al-Zn coil base prices were at US$ 893~915/ton or US$810~830/short ton.
 Market participants said that United States hot dip galvanized coil market remained strong, the delivery time still needs about 6-8 weeks. Although the summer off-season, but prices are still strong. So there's no buyers to stock up at current inventory levels.

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