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Seamless Pipes: An Overview
Date:2016-07-09      View(s):1834      Tag:seamless pipe, seamless steel pipe, product overview

Seamless pipes are one of the main classifications of pipes. Let’s make a brief introduce about they’re manufactured and some of the potential benefits they present.


What makes a seamless pipe seamless is how it’s manufactured.

In contrast to welded pipes, which are made by rolling a flat plate into the shape of a pipe and then welding the seam, seamless pipes are made by drawing a solid billet over a piercing rod. This forms a hollow inner shell and creates pipes without seams.

Ability To Withstand Pressure

It’s this lack of a seam that give seamless less pipes their greatest advantage: an improved ability to withstand pressure.

In welded pipes, the seam is the point that’s most susceptible to failure. By definition, seamless pipes don’t have that weak point, allowing them to have equal strength around the entire pipe. This lack of a seam also makes pressure calculations easier, as you don’t have to take the weld quality into account.

Shape Uniformity

Manufacturing welded pipes involves a number of variables that can affect the shape of the pipe, including rolling the plate before the weld and adding heat during the welding process. These factors mean that the shape can not always be relied upon to be uniform.This is not the case for seamless pipes. Their manufacturing process eliminates many of those extraneous forces, meaning the pipes can be more uniformly round.

Ability To Bear Load

Pipes must support not only their own weight, but also the weight of the fluid flowing through them. Leaks often happen at the welded seams, which gives seamless pipes a leg up over welded pipes.

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