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The Story From the Financial Dept in Shinestar Group
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In the corridor , you can always see the people rushed back to the office with a briefcase at lunch time. Who are they? They are our cute colleagues who work at financing department. They must to bank to take document in the morning and back to office to finish the process , but time is tight so they always have no time to have lunch.  
The financing department is a warm and harmonious team,which are made up of six young and sunshine girls. Songyan , the manager of Financing department , a intellect, courageous and resolute girl.Li Jiangnan is the girl who hard-working and patience, careful girl, the smart and hard-working girl-Wang liyu , the less talking girl- Leng xiaoqian. They have composed the Song of Youth with the diligent and achievements, this story is performed everyday in this office which is full of vigor.

Traveling long distances, and time for the race
The work of financing cooperation department  is a delicate and difficult task, it acts the bank settlement business and finance for the group and subordinate 16 subsidiaries .The area in changsha, hunan province as the center, but also include Hubei province,Tianjin city, Jiangxi province subsidiary bank business. Dealing with finance business, the loan may only be for one main body of the group , but the submitted data contains nearly all of the group's affiliates.

It is about 343km from Changsha to Nanchang,it may takes half an hour high-speed railand one hour car journey to arrived destination- Nanchang Economic and Technological Development Zone Industrial Park Baishuihu Changbei steel market.Owing the time is limited,Li Jiangnan need to put the dozens of file in order in a day,and than take the earliest high-speed rain to Nanchang the next morning,so she had to stay in the bank  during the lunch breaks.and do the work as soon as possible,after she finished all the work,it is near the night.
It is a great challenge for person's spirit and physical strength work in this fast-paced and high -intensity atmosphere.but  co-financing unit colleagues need  to face every day and they have already accustomed.

Cold or Heat, Everything was done well.
Shinestar has 16 subsidiary company , float capital over 10 billion each year, it is not easy to running so much money well in today's downturn economic. Scheduling, financing, loans ..., each segment are serious and important, the lifeblood of Shinestar is in the hand of financing department which can not allow even a small mistake.
Song yan, joint in Shinestar Group at 2008, was a normal staff in Financing Department, after years hard-working , she was promoted to the manager of Group Finance Department. Years of experience in the finance management , which makes Song yan familiar with the company's operations and offer great help for external communication .

In order to do a good job in every loan, regardless of cold or summer, they often follow up on the banks to deal with multiple subsidiaries of loans at the same time. In snowy winter morning, Song Yan and Li Jiangnan go to the grass-roots branches and meet customer manager, prepare the loan company and related company information and deliver to the higher lending center audit. Before going to work in the afternoon, in order to rush to another deposit related bank, they continue on their way at noon without rest, and then return to the center from the lending margin deposit bank, submit a single run margin deposit and other information. Due to the banking business is busy, working overtime to squat in the bank after 18:00 still unable to finish the audit of all the day, Song Yan and Li Jiangnan can only wait until the next day to go to the bank to continue the review.Such examples are numerous in them, they regardless of cold, tirelessly runs. The wind is big, the road is far, but could not prevent the group of young people's passion and light.  

After intense work in the busy, they still keep the passion of learning. A bit of progress every day, it is this group of young people's motto. Discuss working together, their ideas, they put forward their own problems, looking for work together, and in your own work more attention, also enhance the tacit understanding between each other, for the next work node to bring more convenience.
They chose Shinestar, select the financing cooperation department, even in the most difficult moments, don't abandon, don't give up; they have devoted all efforts and enthusiasm. This is their business, but also their dreams; They pay obscurity, finally gratifying return. We feel from them, it is not only a man should have the dedication and Shinestar served, more pride and glory as a people Shinestar obtained. Ordinary jobs, ordinary people, but it is not ordinary youth, this is a story of our financing department.

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