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Requirements and Measures of Scaffolding Fireproof
Date:2016-06-20      View(s):1556      Tag:scaffolding pipe, scaffolding tube, scaffolding pipe supplier

Various types of scaffolding fire should work closely with the construction site fire protection and measures should primarily do the following:

1) scaffolding should be placed near a number of fire extinguishers and fire-fighting equipment, should understand the basic usage and basic knowledge of fire extinguishers. 2) must be cleared up on the scaffolding and Lee carried away construction debris around 3) on the temporary scaffolding or scaffolding near the hot work must be handled in the hot work permit, prior to clean hot work site or non-combustible materials are separated, fire-fighting equipment configuration, and a personal supervision, with the flare types of cooperation, coordination. 4) no smoking on the scaffolding. Strictly prohibited foot rack or store near combustible, flammable and explosive chemical materials and building materials. 5) manage the power supply and electrical equipment, power production must be stopped to prevent short circuits, maintenance or operation of electrical equipment under power to prevent arcing or spark damage scaffolding, or even cause a fire burned down the scaffolding.  

6) use of fire (welding, gas welding, torch, etc.) according to the Fire Services Ordinance and construction unit, construction units apply the provisions of the use of fire and approval procedures, approval and taken certain security measures before being allowed to work.

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