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Chinese Welded Pipe Market Sluggish
Date:2016-06-16      View(s):1581      Tag:welded pipe Q235, welded pipe manufacturer

Welded pipe price are temporarly stable in most Chinese cities, while the market remains sluggish without strong downstream demand.The mainstream price of welded price Q235 φ114*3.75mm ranges from RMB 2,300/t (USD350/t) to RMB 2,550/t (USD 388/t) in major domestic markets for the time being. Insiders predict that CHinese welded pripe market will remain sluggish for some time. A welded pipe trader in Tianjin relvealed that the price of welded pipe Q235 φ114*3.75mm from Youfa Steel is RMB 2.300/t (USD 350/t), stable compared with that of the previous trading day. 

The source told Asian Metal that local market prices have kept stable in recent two days, while they have decreased by RMB100/t(USD 15/t) totally since the beginning of last week , as a result of the weak downstream demand. According to him, his current sales volume is only 100tpd against 150-200tpd in the early of May. He has an inventory of 4,000 for the time being and has no confidence in the welded pipe market outlook. 
Another welded pipe trader in Wuhan, Hubei province reported that the price of welded pipe Q235 φ114*3.75mm from Huaqi Steel RMB2,400/t (USD 365/t), similar to that of the previous trading day. The source disclosed to Asian Metal that the welded pipe market hasn't shown any improvement since the early of May and the current downstream demand is much weaker than it was during March and April. He reported a sales volume of 3,000t in May, While it was 4,000-5,000t in April. Holding a stockpile of 5,000t, He prefers to hold a cautious attitude towards the forthcoming market. 

A welded pipe trader in Foshan, Guangdong province disclosed to Asian Metal that the current price for Q235 φ114*3.75mm from local producers is RMB2,630/ (USD 400/t), stable compared with that of last trading day. 
The source pointed out that most end users are inactive in placing orders now and his current sales volume is only 150-200tpd against 300tpd in April. According to him, though local welded pipe prices are temporarily unchanged, he worries that they are very likely to go down again in the near future considering the insufficient downstream demand. He has a regular inventory of 5,000t and will keep a keen eye on the forthcoming market.

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