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Global Per-capital Steel Consumption Declined
Date:2016-06-15      View(s):1687      Tag:steel consumption, per capital steel consumption

The World Steel Association has released the annual statistics in 2015, the data showed that the global per capital cosumption of finished steel products has declined in second year. It down to 208.2 kg compared with last year's decrease. In Aisa, China's per capita steel consumption fell sharply in last year, it from 519.0kg in 2014 fell to 488.6kg which is down 5.9%. Compared with 2013 which has achieved a peak of 539.5kg fell 9.4% today. However, the data in 2015 is still higher than the data in 2012. Meanwhile, the per capita steel consumption in Japan and Tiwan have also declined, the data in 2015 has create the lowest data in the past five years. In India and Korea, the consumtion is keep increasing, specially in India, the per capita consumtion for steel products has break Indian record. Moreover, South Korea continue to maintain the world's highest per capita steel consumption status which has achieve to 1113.6 kg in 2015, but still below the 2008 record of 1207.4 kg peak level.

In Americas, North and South America per capita steel consumtion volume has declined in 2015. The United States, Canada and Brazil have fell which is seperately reduced to 297.4kg, 404.6kg, and 102.6kg. In Mexico and Argentina, the data is maintain to growth, and relatively rose to 190.6kg, 121.0kg. In the CIS last year, per capita steel consumption in the region is 190.0kg, a low record since 2009 which including Russia reached a new low level as 274.6kg, and Ukraine continued to decline to 74.7kg.

In the EU, the per capita steel consumtion in 2015 has reached 303.5kg which reached a consecutive three years growth, but still lower than the historical peak level of 311.6kg in 2011. Germany, France, Britain and other countries has declined, but Italy, Spain and Poland is growing.Czech Republic remains the highest per capita steel consumption in the EU countries reached 627.4 kg, only slightly below the 2007 peak of 635.8 kg. In other European countries, Turkey's per capita steel consumption increased significantly last year, reaching 436.8 kilograms, a new record high. Although Africa last year for five consecutive years to maintain growth, reaching 33.1 kg, but still the world's lowest per capita steel consumption in the region. Per capita steel consumption in the Middle East last year fell from 232.0 kg 225.4 kg, the highest six-year low.

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