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Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe - Internal Coating
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Internal coating systems for steel pipes using epoxy-based liquid paints, including Novolac, accompanying market trends. The principal uses of these coatings are:

1. To improve the flow of liquids by reducing the roughness of the pipes’ inner surfaces, in the case of Flow Coating.

2. To provide anticorrosive protection, in cases in which bicomponent epoxy  coatings, 100% solid epoxys and Novolac coatings are applied

The internal surface of the pipe is cleaned previously. After cleaning, the epoxy paint is applied to the pipe’s inner surface through an  airless guns system, forming a uniform layer that cures in the open air. The typical thickness for the internal coating system varies between 60 and 100µm for gas transportation pipelines and between 200 and 500µm for pipes designed to conduct water or other liquids.

The internal coating unit is equipped to coat pipes with a nominal diameter ranging from 4” to 48” and lengths ranging from 8m to 13m.

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