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Welded Steel Pipe
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Welded steel pipe production and application
1. SSAW Steel Pipe. We use hot rolled steel strips as raw material, forming the shape by increase the temperature. Applying double sided or single sided automatic submerged arc welded method to produce. The pipe is generally used for legal system for water, gas, air and steam low pressure liquid delivery.

2. ERW Steel Pipe. The general low pressure fluids thick walled ERW welded pipe is a hot rolled steel trips welded pipe. It uses high frequency welding method to produce. The pipe is generally for low pressure liquid delivery.

3. Piling Pipe. Use hot rolled steel strips or coils as raw materials, forming spiral shap by increase temperature, using double sided submerged arc welding or high frequency welding method for producing. It is widely applied in civil engineering structures, docks, bridges and other infrastructure pile. 

4. Black Steel Pipe. Used for conveying water, gas, air, oil and heating steam or other general low pressure fulids. It can be divided into general steel pipe and thick walled steel pipe. 

5. Galvanized Welded Steel Pipe. It is commonly know as white steel pipe. It is used for conveying water, gas, air and steam heating, oil and even warm water ect. Galvanized welded pipe can be divided into two types, one is ordinary galvanized steel pipe and thick wall galvanized steel pipe. Divided by pipe ends, it can be seprated into threaded galvanized steel pipe and non threaded galvanized steel pipe. 

6. Ordinary carbon steel wire casing is generally used for industrial and civil construction, installation of machinery and equipment for the protection of electrical installation engineering steel wires.

7. Straight seam welded steel pipe is parallet to the longitudinal welded steel pipe. 

8. The pressurized fluid delivery SAW pipe is hot rolled steel strips or coils made welded steel pipe. It has strong pressure steel, good welding performance, through variety of rigorous scientific examination and testing, safty use and reliable. Mainly used to transporing oil and natural gas pipelines.

9. Pressure fluid transmission pipe is a hot rolled steel strips or coil made pipe. Using high frequency welding method or spiral submeged arc welding method. 

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