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Clients Visiting for Negotiating with a New Project
Date:2016-06-06      View(s):1918      Tag:ERW steel pipe, ASTM A53 ERW steel pipe, A53 GR.B ERW steel pipe

Today, we warmly welcomed clients from Qatar for an ERW steel pipe project. PRIME STEEL PIPE, as the subsidiary under SHINESTAR HOLDINGS GROUP, is the intergrated procurement service provider exclusively for ERW steel pipe. We have invested five production lines for ERW steel pipe, and the production size ranges from 21.3mm to 660mm with the wall thickness between 1mm and 25mm. In Hunan, and Jiangxi, we owns two sets of small diameter ERW steel pipe production line (21.3~88.9mm). In Tianjin & Hebei, we have invested one production line covers the outside diameter between 88.9mm and 219mm, and one covers the outside diameter ranges from 219mm to 457mm, and another production line for the pipe outside diameter from 457mm to 660mm.

The advanced processing units including high frequency welding machine WELDACG2600KW, on line ultrasonic detecting units AS-200 UT imported from Isreal, and roller units from German. Based on the technical support from our proudction team, high frequency welding theory is based on the "skin effect" of the electromagnetic induction principle, the exchange of charges in the conductors, the proximity effect and eddy current heating effect. Those effects make the local steel weld edge heated to a molten state, and the roller squeeze can make the butt welds achieve indirect crystal together, so as to achieve the purpose of the welding. High frequency welding is widely applied in steel pipe production due to the production advantages such as no weld filler required, no welding spatter, narrow HAZ, good weld forming appreance and good mechanical properties etc.

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