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Thick Wall Straight Seam Steel Pipe
Date:2016-06-01      View(s):1678      Tag:welded steel pipe, straight seam welded pipe, thick wall weded pipe

The biggest difference thin-wall and thick-wall welded steel pipe is the wall thickness. When the ratio of pipe diameter and wall thickness is less than 20, we called this type of carbon steel pipe as thick-walled welded steel pipe. The thin-wall welded steel pipe is applied for pipeline transmission. However, the thick-wall straight seam pipe is mainly used for petroleum geology drilling pipe, petrochemical cracking tube, boiler tube and pipe for automotive bearings, tractors, aviation etc. In general, it is used in multiple parts of the hollow billet and important channel for bearing large pressure.

With the increasing requirement for oil and gas pipeline pressure, the application of steel pipe towards to high grade, large-diameter and thick-wall steel pipe. In order to increase the welding quality and production efficiency, limit the weld slag is significant. During the production of thick-wall straight seam welded pipe, we need to reduce the propability of fusion weld toe clip clog, choose appropriate power lines, and adjust welding the size of the groove and each wire of the welding current, voltage magnitude, to avoid the formation of finger weld root of the weld to prevent weld lines generated slag.

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