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Breakage of Spiral Steel Pipe
Date:2016-05-02      View(s):1670      Tag:spiral steel pipe, spiral weld steel pipe, spiral welded steel pipe

Breakage of spiral pipe according to the material after the destruction of anti-corrosion steel case and metal material is substantially the same divided into three types, namely: ① cleavage fracture, ② tie troglobites anti-fracture, ③ slip surface separation fracture.

Cleavage fracture along a section strictly crystal - product surface separating the planes called cleavage plane. When the fracture along the crystal plane, the theoretical minimum breaking strength. Decision cleavage plane of factors specific surface energy y, the surface of the crystal plane spacing mountains and modulus of elasticity along the normal direction. Cleavage fracture with almost no plastic deformation, is a brittle fracture occurs in the body-centered cubic, hexagonal close-packed gold center. Fcc metals is generally not cleavage fracture occurs. The nature of the genus L ductile material gold sessions, shear fracture is the main fracture mechanism. Such as anti-corrosion steel alloy second phase particles to impede slippage, increasing the resistance to plastic deformation; when the plastic deformation increases, the second phase particles and the matrix interfacial peeling occurs Aung, produce tiny hole; hole formed, grew up with the merger will form a shear section. For high-purity metals, for there is no second phase particles, double metal wear-resistant composite pipe and will not yield: Health and tiny holes, the results of the battle was only shifted along the surface area is increasing, and finally the formation of slip planes separate section. Anti-corrosion steel composite spinning technology under special equipment for precise control, re-pressed wheel rotation and liner friction generates heat quickly reach the softening point of stainless steel, roller squeeze out of the outer tube is elastically deformed, the two create an interference together to achieve closely. From gold session histological point of view, it is divided into the fracture and transgranular fracture along the fracture goods.

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