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Design Conditions of Spiral Pressure Pipeline
Date:2016-04-27      View(s):1686      Tag:spiral pipe, spiral pipeline, spiral pressure pipeline

On engineering, process operating parameters should not be used directly as a pressure pipeline design conditions, factors to consider process operating fluctuations, the impact of connected devices, environmental impact, etc., and on the basis of operating parameters of the process are given a certain amount as a design safety margin condition. Design conditions mentioned here mainly refers to the design pressure and design temperature.

SSAW steel pipe design pressure: when should not be less than the normal operating pressure under the most demanding conditions by the internal pressure (or external pressure) and temperature constituted.
The most severe conditions: is the lead pipe and piping components maximum wall thickness or the maximum nominal pressure rating conditions.
Design pressure determination: consider the medium hydrostatic pressure and other factors, the design pressure should generally be slightly higher than the maximum working pressure under the most demanding conditions by (or on) the external pressure and temperature constituted.

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