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Taiwan April Welded Steel Pipe Imports and Exports
Date:2016-05-20      View(s):1820      Tag:carbon steel pipe , welded steel pipe , welded steel pipe supplier

Quick News:
According to Taiwan customs statistics, in April this year, Taiwan’s welded steel pipe exports totaled 8881 tons, down by 38% compared with 14408 tons in last March.
 In April this year, Taiwan exported only 2000 tons to United States. In April, Taiwan’s welded steel pipe imports were 2636 tons, an increase of 35% month on month to 4069 tons. Among them, Taiwan exported 2791 tons to United States; Australia of 1751 tons; China of 1253 tons. The total was 8881 tons, down by 36% month on month to 14408 tons.

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