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Pipe External Corrosion
Date:2016-05-17      View(s):2112      Tag:FBE coated steel pipe , 2PE coated steel pipe , 3PE coated steel pipe , anti-corrosion steel pipe

Pipe external corrosion

1, Single FBE corrosion (FBE) Single-layerFBE Coating Epoxy powder layer because of its excellent corrosion resistance,insulation resistance and long service life and become an advanced anti-corrosion coating of the outer pipe. Sub-ordinary nature (thickness: 300 ~ 400um) andenhanced (thickness: 400 ~ 500um) two kinds.

2, Double FBE corrosion (2FBE)

Double epoxy powder coated outer coating is a composite structure,consisting of anti-corrosion epoxy powder primer and epoxy powder resistant tome chanical damage the surface layer of a coating film is completed. Normal sex(thickness ≥ 620um); enhanced (thickness ≥ 800um)

3, Two polyethylene / polypropylene anticorrosion (2PE/2PP)

Two polyethylene / polypropylene layer with good corrosion resistance,insulation resistance, long service life and resistance to mechanical damage. Sub-normal and enhanced thickness according to pipe size varies: Common Min1.8mm; enhanced minimum 2.5mm.

4, Three layer polyethylene / polypropylene anticorrosion (3PE/3PP)

Three layer polyethylene / polypropylene layer with excellent corrosion resistance, insulation resistance, longer service life and a certain degree of resistance to mechanical damage of the coating has been widely used in various large-scale projects of the corrosion in the pipeline. Common type and strengthened type two, thickness of the pipe size varies: Common minimum thickness 1.8mm; enhanced minimum thickness of 2.5mm.

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