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Steel Tube Bending
Date:2016-04-15      View(s):1824      Tag:steel tube, steel tube bending, steel pipe bending deformation analysis

Steel pipe bending deformation analysis 

Deformation generated by thermal processing principle known, thermal processing (welding), due to uneven heating temperature, high temperature zone of plastic deformation produced compression, cooling contraction of the site but also by other parts of the (low-temperature cooling zone or the first part) Block , resulting in residual stress and various modifications. And the steel market after thermal processing of steel pipe (pipe or thermal expansion) is mainly for bending. 
Treatment program 
Pipe diameter is small, relatively thick wall can take mechanical correction method (such as the use rolling machine, jack and the corresponding fixture) its correction, the method is simple. However, large diameter pipe, when the wall is relatively thin, mechanical correction method should not be used because it not only requires huge and complex mechanical equipment fixture, and likely to cause localized depressions steel. The use of flame straightening method, the operation although some difficulty, but the method is simple and works well.

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