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High Pressure Steel Pipe
Date:2016-04-11      View(s):1671      Tag:steel pipe, high pressure steel pipe, high pressure seamless steel pipe

High-pressure steel pipe manufacturing methods are divided into hot-rolled (extrusion, expansion) and cold drawn (rolled) two kinds. Among them, the hot-rolled (extrusion, expansion) OD pipe is 22 ~ 530mm, wall thickness in the range of 2.0 ~ 70mm; cold drawn (rolled) pipe diameter ranges from 10 to 108mm, wall thickness range of 2.0 ~ 13mm.

High-pressure steel pipe has good mechanical properties at room temperature and high temperature, strict quality control, suitable for a variety of work situations under high pressure conditions. High pressure steel pipes are mainly used in the field, diesel high pressure tubing, fertilizer equipment and pipelines.

The main production process of high-pressure steel: billet heating, perforated tube, pipe extension. High-pressure steel pipe rolling, pipe sizing, pipe reducers, pipe cooling and finishing or perforation can be said heating hot rolled pickling cold drawn steel embryo carbon burning jet cutting head of a standard package of finished seamless steel pipe manufacturing method characterized by: setting with rolling stand multiple rolls to each different configuration of multiple consecutive rolling direction of the mandrel mill, in this manufacturing line to be rolled seamless steel pipe after the two ends of each axis position system, measuring the circumferential direction of the pipe wall thickness after rolling in the multi-point, based on the measurement result, at least the mandrel mill control the final rolling mill roll base so as to minimize uneven thickness.

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