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Mexico established anti-dumping duties to welded steel pipe
Date:2016-04-05      View(s):2105      Tag:welded steel pipe, anti-dumping for welded steel pipe, anti-dumbing for steel pipe in Mexico

Reported on Aprial 21, Mexico "Reform News", after two years of investigation, the Mexicon Ministry of Economy announced the decision to establish anti-dumping duties to the United States, Spain and Indian origin welded steel pipe. This policy is started from Aprial 21, 2016. The tax number for realted products including 7305.11.01, 7305.11.99, 7305.12.01, 7305.12.99, 7305.19.01, 7305.19.99. The tax rates for the originating from the United States, Spain and India seperately is USD 575.01 per ton, USD 62.22 per ton and USD 81.61 per ton. The importers in Mexico considers this anti-dumping duty will strenghten the monopoly position of the domestic manufacturer TUBACERO in Mexico and affect the Mexican energy reform and public intrest. The decision was announced in China and Mexico one day after the Steel Conference holded in Brussels which did not come out any agreement on the global steel industry crisis. 

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