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Forged Flange
Date:2016-04-04      View(s):1514      Tag:forged flange, forging flange, forged pipe flange,forging pipe flange, forged steel pipe flange

Forged Flange has the best mechanical properties compared with other production type flanges. The raw material for producing forged flange is pipe billet. During the production, cutting and beating can eliminate the ingot segregation, porosity and other defects. Therefore, the price for forged flange is relatively higher than other type of flanges. As the pipe accessories applied with pipe, the materials used for producing forged flanges includes carbon, stainless, alloy ect. The producing standard including GB, electricity standard, American standard, German standard, Japanese standard and so on. Forging flange has better temperature and pressure performance which generally can be applied under the high temperature and high pressure work environment. 

forging flange

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