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Thick-walled Welded Steel Pipe
Date:2016-03-13      View(s):1562      Tag:welded steel pipe, thick-walled welded pipe, thick-walled welded pipe supply

The biggest difference between thick-walled pipe and thinwalled pipe is just as the name suggested. The difference is the thickness of the pipe. In general,thin-walled pipe is produced by cold drawn technology, while thickwalled pipe is by using  the hot rolling technology to produce. We can use the unit of measure used to differentiate those two types of steel pipes. When the thick divided the diameter equal to 0.05, it is a watershed thick walled steel pipe. When the thick divided the diameter is less than 0.05, then it is a thin-walled steel pipe. In terms of the use of thin-walled steel pipe is for the pipeline, while the thick-walled steel pipe is used for hollow parts blank, pressure and the important pipeline use. 

Thick-walled welded steel pipe is mainly used in water engineering, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, power industry, agricultural irrigation, urban construction. 
- For Transport of liquids: water supply, drainage
- For Gas Transportation: gas, steam, liquefied petroleum gas
- For Structures: piling pipe
- For Bridge: dock, roads, building structures

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