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What are the working process for the erection of the scaffolding?
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When building the scaffolding frames, the ground shall be leveled and solid and the bottom of the standing tubes shall be backed with a thick scaffolding plank about 50mm in depth. There shall be a 50mm thick scaffolding for sale plank or 15 mm plywood on the floor.

a The scaffolding tubes and accessories shall be checked and inspected rigorously before the real start of the erection, and it is forbidden to use any disqualified tubes and accessories.
b Lay down the lines, plank the scaffolding boards, and set the base plates or standing tubes locations according to the design of the construction details.
c The outside ring of the scaffolding shall be built from one corner to the other two side in the shape of a circle. One letter shaped scaffolding shall be erected and extended from one end to the other end.
d The fixation order of the tubes shall be from the longitudinal tubes, the transverse tubes to the standing tubes. And then set the longitudinal and transverse tubes in the first span. When the standing tubes are fixed vertically, they can be then fixed and fastened. 
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