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What are the diameters of the scaffolding steel tubes?
Date:2016-02-08      View(s):2013      Tag:scaffolding tubes, scaffolding pipes, pipe scaffold, pipe scaffolding

There is a steel tubular scaffolding type named the single typed tubular scaffolding, which uses only one type of scaffolding tubes of Ф48×3.5mm. Different kinds of scaffolding shall be used in the same different type of construction projects and formwork projects. Thecuplock scaffolding are most widely used in the bridging construction projects. So does the frame scaffoldings. When constructing the main body of the buildings, the coupler scaffoldings are more often used. The transverse space between the standing tubes is usually 0.9-1.5m and the longitudinal space is 1.2-1.8m. For sure, there are also other scaffolding kinds. PRIME STEEL PIPE scaffolding products fully comply with Euro HD1004 standards and also the most up to date international standard. ISO 9002 are also certified in our company. When choosing the scaffolding, the predominant factor is the diameter element. This is delicately designed to meet special construction requirement in the construction projects.

PRIME STEEL PIPE scaffolding products can give you such experience as follows:
Large range of the load bearing capacity.
Half rigidity of the connection coupler joints with wide range of joint capacities.
Small tolerance of the deviation ratio when the whole scaffolding is working under pressure. 

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