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What are the advantages of the constructional steel tubes?
Date:2016-02-06      View(s):1756      Tag:structural steel pipe, seamless steel pipe for structure, welded steel pipe for structure

As you can see most of the advantages of the constructional steel tubes, or the scaffolding metal pipe for sale for another name, these tube can give you much assurance and reassurance in the real application. All the scaffolding tubes shall be in accordance with the regulations of < right welded steel tubes> GB/T13793 and the material of the steel tubes shall comply with the current national standards of Carbon Element Structure GB/T 700.
All the steel tubes used in the scaffolding shall be 48.3*3.6 and the quality of each steel tube shall be no more than 25.8kg. Below are the advantages of the scaffolding tubes.
1. Reasonable structure and sound load bearing capacity.
2. Facile to erect and dismantle with high working efficiency. Save time and work force..
3. Standardization of the scaffolding frame geometry size.
However, the size of the structure lacks flexibility, so if there is any need to change the size, need to change to another type of frame scaffolding and matching elements. The crossing brace is apt to fracture and rupture and the scaffolding board to finalize the frame shape is more weighted.

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