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Several principles on how to use the scaffolding tubes.
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The construction fromwork system with steel round tubing shall be schemed with construction plans beforehand to determine a rigid construction schedule. If there are some laps of writing in the plan, some inevitable accidents will occur during the construction procedures.
The scaffolding tubes include the standing tubes, which can be extended for their length in two ways, the first one is to make extension on the top with connections with couplers, and the other one is to butting with couplers on all the standing tube joints. The requirements on the butting and extension length are less than 1m with more than two swivel couplers. The edges of the covering plate on the couplers at the ends shall be no less than 100m away to the terminals of the tubes. There shall also take serious measures to check and inspect the quality of the joints of the couplers. The butting couplers on the standing tubes shall be set interlaced and the joints on two adjacent standing tubes shall not be in one same lift.
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