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The seamless steel tubes used in the building constructions.
Date:2016-02-02      View(s):1621      Tag:seamless steel tube, seamless steel pipe, seamless tube application

There is a long history for all the scaffolding products used in the building construction projects, so does the steel pipes.

The use of the steel pipes can be dated back to 1930s, such as the London Savory Hotel built in 1929, which used the steel pipes to decoration the roof and the hotel wall. It maintains an outstandingly beautiful outlook for 70 years in such a polluted environment along the coast. Another one is the US Chrysler Building built in 1930, which also used the steel pipes on the roof and in the wall decoration. It still towers a brilliant glow among all the building groups in NY even though it had been washed for only two times.
With the accelerating speed in improving the living standard and economy, the advantages of the scaffolding tubes are well recognized by the populace, including its durability, the aesthetics, the long working time and the cost effectiveness. And the application ranges of it span from the industry of decoration, roofing, steel concreting to the building projects of the church, the stadium, the municipal administration office and the building of the bridge.
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