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Tips on scaffolding tube system
Date:2016-01-29      View(s):1668      Tag:scaffolding tube, scaffolding pipe, scaffolding tube supplier

The construction of the scaffolding ground base and foundation shall be carried out according to the erection height of the scaffolds, the soil nature on the construction site and relevant national regulations and requirements. About the bottom elevation of the scaffolding base, it is better to be 50MM higher than natural land height. After its inspection and acceptance, the base of scaffolding tube systems shall be settled and located according to the designs of the construction entity.
The steel tubes used in the system shall be 48-51mm in its external diameter, 3-3.5mm thick in its tube wall, 4-6.5m and 2.1-2.8m long. Tubes which are eroded, bended, squashed or cracked are forbidden to be used. Steel tubes and couplers used in the projects shall be proved with QS certificate. No cracks, deformation or slippery thread will be used. The standing tubes of the scaffolding tube system shall be put on the metal base or backing wood according to designs. The drainage system below shall be smooth without any blockage. It is forbidden to sink the standing tubes in the water over a long period of time. 
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