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Why is the galvanized steel pipe better than other pipe?
Date:2016-01-25      View(s):1680      Tag:galvanized steel pipe, hot dipped galvanized steel pipe, hot dip galvanized steel pipe

When we talk about the galvanized steel pipes, we usually refer to the hot dipped galvanized steels pipes which are more durable and strengthened than any other types. The cleaning process which the hot dipped galvanized steel pipe uses is far more special in the combination use of the solutions, including the ammonium chloride, zinc chloride or the mixed solutions of both. And it will be sent into the hot dipped groove afterwards. The galvanized steel tube will be with more even layer of the galvanization and the capacity of cohesion, anti-corrosion and anti-dust. All of these as mentioned above will contribute to this kind of steel pipe to be have longer longevity than any other steel pipe kinds.
The regular specification of the galvanized steel tubing which are available from PRIME STEEL PIPE include 48.3×2.5、48.3×2.75、48.3×3.0、48.3×3.25、48.3×3.5 and other customized types per required.
To maintain these galvanized steel tubes, we should keep in mind about these following steps:
1. Regular clean away the piling-up materials around the steel and control its loading under its limitation.
2. Regular observe if there is any deviation among the steel tube's whole structure of parts of it. If yes, make alteration in time.
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