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Information about the scaffolding tubes
Date:2016-01-24      View(s):1844      Tag:scaffolding tube, scaffolding pipe, welded steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe

Scaffold is an essential tool for work at height and safety insurance against from falling from height. With the help of it, the construction above high can be completed.
When design the scaffolding tubes, following information should be provided in advance:
" Maximum leg loads; what is the maximum data of the capacity for the scaffolding tubes to take burden from above.
" Safe work load level; what is the realm of the safety working on it.
" Maximum scaffolding tube length; what length should be utilized for the whole scaffolding structure.
" Maximum lifting capacity
" Maximum lifting heights
" Other relevant data and number to enable reference and checking
All the scaffolding must be erected, dismantled and altered in a safe way, with the information provided in advance can help you to save more time and resource.
If some of the scaffold tubing elements is fallen out of the safe scope of the standard configuration, a safe erection and dismantling techniques shall be employed during the work while supplemented with specific instructions to prove whether the configuration is in the line with a standard configuration of scaffolding of tubes.

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