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What are the advantages of the stainless steel tube?
Date:2016-01-23      View(s):1804      Tag:stainless steel tube, semaless stainless tube, welded stainless tube

What are the advantages of the stainless steel tube?

Compared with the plastic tube, the stainless steel tube has more excellent mechanical intension; resistant properties against pressure and heat, etc. as the substrate is steel tube, the product will not be brittle and aging. It is the upgrading replacement for galvanized tube used in the conveying tap water, coal gas, chemical products and other fluid, as well as heating engineering. Apart from the same shape and installation with the conventional galvanized tube, the product also plays an important role in delivering tap water through heavy caliber in place of aluminum and plastic composite tube. It is widely accepted by customers and becomes one of the most competitive new products in pipe market.

Architectural/Design Advantages
• High quality surface finish 
• Appearance in exposed applications can become an exciting and visual part of the design of buildings and other structures 
• Cost effective in relation to other building materials 
• Ability to conceal essential services Engineering Advantages 
• Greater design properties in both axis (moment of inertia, section modulus and radius of gyration) 
• High resistance to torsional loading 
• Particularly suited for compression column applications 
• Less weight-per-foot 
• Diversity: strength, formability, toughness and corrosion resistance 
• Less resistance to air and water flow

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