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Different types of scaffolding and their uses
Date:2016-01-22      View(s):1782      Tag:scaffolding tube, scaffolding pipe, welded steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe

As a vital tool for construction project,scaffoldings vary from place to place. Now, let's have a look at some basic scaffoldings types.

Scaffoldings types can be divided as follows:
The First Type: Suspended Kind
Just as how they call it, this scaffolding is made to be suspended while in use. Commonly, they use special rope to suspend it. We will find most of it on skyscraper cleaning service tools. It enables worker to move around the vertical building and do their jobs in every facade and surface of the house or building. It serves as an easy access to workers. However, it is not advisable to use the particular scaffolding on too high building as it can be too dangerous. The stability serves for several levels only and it carries fewer people as well.
The Second Type: Above Mentioned
This type is in a different setting. It is set on the ground with attached wheels given to enables movement and flexibility. This scaffolding is helpful because we can use pipes, and lumbers frames and poles. Workers will need to use stairs to reach the middle part of the scaffolding if they want to reach the middle part, where the platform is located. It serves well in helping workers in finishing the foundation and walls of houses or buildings. It is also called supported scaffolding because of the system and the shape.
The Third Type: Aerial Lifts
This is the last type. Sometimes, workers need to lift up their supported scaffolding on other levels or location. This is how the aerial lifts are used. We will need more materials so this aerial lifts can move things safely. The shackles are mentioned to be the most essential part of the safety. Workers can ride it and neednot be worried about being fallen off. It helps a lot on big projects where workers have to finish several levels of a building or a house.

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