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Professionals tell you the right way to choose scaffolding
Date:2016-01-21      View(s):1659      Tag:scaffolding, scaffolding pipe, scaffolding plank
First of all we know , belong to high-altitude operations based scaffold important tool , if a load of scaffolding problems at high altitude , human life and property would suffer a great loss , so we have to hang in the purchase of the scaffolding planks safety basket of a full range of testing. By professional people to introduce you the right choice for a safety scaffolding palnks.

First, we in the choice of the scaffolding choose a look you satisfied , then we determine a good basket and then to check the electrical control system , which also includes the insulation of the electrical system . Then look at all the indicators contrast specification is not meet the design requirements. 

Then we again divide the rated load for load tests at different times , this must be carried out in the lifting and safety self-locking and a series of safety tests run . If you fall in the experimental stage running basket safety lock is not whether it can achieve the self-locking function , if not achieved self-locking , you must replace the safety lock and stop the test , which is on the basket safety lock checks.

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