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Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Pipe
Date:2016-01-09      View(s):2012      Tag:seamless steel pipe manufacturer, cold drawn seamless steel pipe, seamless pipe supplier
According to different production methods, seamless steel pipe can be divided into hot-rolled pipes, cold rolled pipes, cold drawn tubes. Between hot rolled seamless pipes and cold drawn seamless steel pipe, the big difference is that cold drawn seamlss steel pipe has a high precision than hot rolled seamless steel pipe which is preferred machining manufacturing and parts manufacturing. Also, the common type of seamless steel pipe can be very rough cast for support greater pressure. However, for cold drawn seamless steel pipe, it has smaller outer diameter, higher precision, good surface quality, high accuracy. Therefore, cold drawn seamless steel pipe has superior performance. 

Cold drawn seamless steel pipe is generally applied in mechanical structure, hydraulic equipment which requires good surface finish steel tube. Using cold drawn seamless tube manufacturing mechanical structure or hydraulic equipment can grately reduce machining time, improve material utilization and improve product quality.

The production range for cold drawn seamless steel pipe: Outside Diameter: 5mm ~ 200mm, Wall Thickness: 2.5mm ~ 12mm.

The basic production steps for cold drawn seamless steel pipe are:
1.  pipe material supply (use tube feeding tubes or semi-finished hot rolled tubes, squeeze tubes and welded pipes.)
2. pipe material prepeartion, including inspection, compactors, acid washing, cleaning, washing, drying, coating lubricants.
3. cold drawn
4. finished including finished heat treatment, straightening, sampling, cut head and tail, checking, hydrosatic tesing, oiling, packaging, warehousing and so on. 

For more product information about seamless steel pipe, please read GB/T81625 Seamless Steel Pipe
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