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Numbers of domestic steel industry started mergers and acquisitions.
Date:2015-11-11      View(s):1782      Tag:carbon steel pipe manufacturer, carbon steel pipe supplier

The steel industry chain of mergers and acquisitions being popular during the steel industry depression time. According to imformed sources revealed to Future Daily reporter, there is a enterprise in Beijin has been acquired Desheng Steel, at the same time, the acquisition of Chuanwei and Dagang steel mill is negotiation. " Because of that several mills are private steel mills, in the case of steel prices continued to fall, and the financial situation is increasingly tense, the boss has to get rid of the steel mill before the price getting even lower." The current difficult situation of the steel industry as a whole, and many private steel companies want to be acquired. Acquisition will be the trend of the future steel industry. The steel industry is now wide spread losses, and the overall valuation is not high which appealed many investors. 

The current domestic mining enterprises losses continued, the financial situation is increasingly tense, which push the enterprises began to seek external funding to carry out technological innovation. However, the Deputy General Manager of Shagang International Trade Co., Ltd. Shen Qian's view, "the integration of the steel industry resources currently is still facing many obstacles. Because of the geographical differences and corporate culture, when the Chinese steel industry decided to mergers and acquisistions, the investors has to be cautious." 

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