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Trade protectionism will become a constraining for Chinese steel exports.
Date:2015-11-10      View(s):1732      Tag:carbon steel pipe manufacturer, carbon steel pipe supplier

According to the latest report announced by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the US Department of Commerce has initiated anti-dumping and countervailing investigation for the Chinese galvanized steel products. This announcement has acctually put China at a disadvantage trading situation, and this will directly affect the Chinese steel enterprices " going out". 

Since 2013, there were over 50 cases of Chinese steel products investigation. The products including galvanized steel sheet, cold rolled coil, stainless steel plate, plate bar, seamless steel tube, and various other steel products. The regions including the EU, Southeast Asia, South Asia, South America and North America. Only in 2015, the total steel exports have been involved in the investigation has over 6.5 million tons of steel products and over $ 4 billion. 

This phenomenon was influenced by political, economical and other macro-situation, the insiders said. Customs statistics show that in September 2015, Chinese steel exports has achieved 11,263,000 tons, create a increase rate of 32.1% and a growth rate of 15.5%. It is the highest single-month record historically. " This is a typical example of local trade protectionism, before ruling, China has in a disadvantages position. As the export growth trend in China, this case will be even more difficult to avoid. The global economic recovery is slow, and Chinese steel exports surge, which is bound to make other countries to strengthen trade protection. " Shanghai Steel Union analyst said. 

Under the new economic normality weak domestic demand, steel products " going out" has gradually been a consensus among steel enterprises. However, the trade protectionism will become a constraining for Chinese steel products exports. 


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