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US steel imports declined for five consecutive months.
Date:2015-10-31      View(s):1772      Tag:US steel imports, carbon steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, ERW steel pipe, LSAW steel pipe

According to the US Commerce Departmen data released, the total US imports in September is about 2.516 million tons with a decline of 9.4 percent, down nearly 29% for five consecutive months. Compared with the data in August, rebar and hot rolled coil were the steel product type which suffered the largest decline, for rebar the decline rate were 39.8%, and the decline rate for hot rolled coil were 28.2%. Compared with the data in September 2014, steel plate and hot rolled coil were the type of steel products had a decline over 30%. 

About the main source of imports and regions, Compared with the data in August 2015, Russa and EU were the only area maintained a increasing import quantity. While India, Middle America, South America were the area had a serious import decline. Compared with the data in September 2014, Japan is the only country that maintained a increasing import quantity, while China and Russia were the country suffered a serious decline rate over 50%.

In September 2015, US has imported 127,000 tons of steel from China, the main importing steel products were cold-rolled plates, galvanized steel plates and wire rod. According to the latest statistics, in October 2015, US has import 2,300,000 tons of steel in China.

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