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Steel Pipe Applicaton
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A common use for steel pipe is to devert water under a driveway or ditch. This is called culvert pipe. Culvert pipe can be found under roadways, canals or railroads and are mainly used to control rainwater runoff and divert water overflows. We provide a smooth walled steel pipe for culverts as opposed to corrugated pipe. Smooth walled steel pipe allows for more efficient water flow and is cost effective because of its longer life. This type of steel pipe can also be known as flume pipe which is steel pipe used in an eco-friendly way for pipeline and logging companies to cross creeks and streams without polluting them. 

1. Sign Poles and Billboards. The signs and billboards that line our roads and highways are supported by thousands of miles of steel pipe that provide for safety, traffic signals, informtion and of course, advertisement. These structures must be carefully engineered to withstand not only the weight of the sign but also the wind, size and other rigors of the location. 
2. Pipeline. This is a very common use for steel pipe. Its purpose is the transporation of gas and liquid. Due to the nature of the products being transported, this material is highly regulated to insure the highest safety standards by ASTM and API. The steel pipe itself can be manufactured as seamless, double submerged arc welded, electric resistance welded, or spiral welded.
3. Water Line. Water line is one of the most common uses for steel pipe, it not only brings water to your home but has many other applications as well. Steel pipe helps transport water for the cooling of nuclear power plants, cooling towers for air conditioning, heat exchangers, water theme parks and hundreds of other uses. 
4. Drainage and irrigation. Steel pipe is used in drainage and irrigation application to pump or divert water away from areas where it is not wanted. Srainage pipe can be a permanent installation or just used to handle a temporary situation like a water main break. You may also see this steel pipe in large fields being used to supply water to crops that require additional moisture above the normal rainl fall. 
5. Caissions. A caisson is a structure that can be formed with large OD pipe to keep water out of construction sites when they are located in a river or lake. Caissions are typically used in bridge construction or repair. The steel pipe is driven in place and then the water is pumped out to provide a dry place for workers. 
6. Dredge Pipe. Steel pipe is used in the dredging process to keep our rivers, lakes and ports navigable for boates and barges by maintaining the water levels so that even the largest ships can operate. The dredges use suction to remove built-up sediment from the bottom and pump it through the dredge pipe to the shore or other set up area to keep the channel navigable. This type of steel pipe is also used in teh mining of minerales and metals. The steel pipe is attached to pumps that suck like a huge vaccum to dredge

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