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Casing Pipe Application
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Casing pipe is typically used to encase and protect something. A typical uses for casing pipe is in underground construction to protect utility lines from damage. This steel casing protects utility lines not only from the elements but from future construction activity such as digging or drilling. 

1. Directional Drilling. Directional drilling also described as slant drilling is a form of drilling horizontally rather than a vertical shaft. It is used in both the oilfield and utility industries to steer the drill bit to reach a desired point. This technique is used for installing horizontal pipelines under roads, underwater and through rock, often as a conduit for fiber optic lines, utility, and power lines. 
2. Rode Bore Casing/Horizontal Casing. Road Bore Casing also know as horizontal casing is used to encase and protect utility lines, cable and pipelines and to keep the shaft from collapsing while boring under roads and rivers. 
3. Open Cut Casing. This pipe is more or less the same as road bore casing, but it installed into an open trench and then covered. 
4. Vertical Casing Pipe. Casing pipe is used for both oil and gas wells and water well applications an privides a steel pipe casing for the drill pipe and bit. After the drilling is completed, the steel pipe casing remains in place to allow for the tubing to be installed so the oil, case or waster can be extracted. This is also known as conductor hole, rat hole, or mouse hole pipe. 
casing pipe application 
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