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Anti-corrosion Coating for Steel Pipe
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Nowadays, anti-corrosion coated steel pipe is widely used in urban underground pipe network for transporting gas, oil, water, etc. Since the pipeline need to be buried in the soil for a quite long time, so it requires water resistance, chemical resistance and other long-term corrosion resistance. Besides, anti-corrosion coated steel pipe should meet a variety of performance to make sure the pipeline could be transport, storage and embedded in the process. For example, the pipeline should meet a specific properties such as impact resistance, abrasion resistance, compressive strength, hardness, corrosion resistance, ductility, elongation strength. The importance of these properties varies by the use of different environments, construction methods and material differences. 
Polyethylene tape coating:
Polyethylene tape is one of the main anti-corrosion mateiral widely used on pipeline. The using temperature ranges from -30 degrees to 70 degrees and it has good impact resistanc, static pressure, water tightness and other properties. The coating process is simple, convenient, affordable, so it is widely accepted by the users. When using polyethylene tape as anti-corrosion coating, the different thickness and different width of the tape is depending on the anti-corrosion requirements and different construction methods. 
Epoxy powder coating:
Epoxy powder caoting is appread in the 1960s, it is applied by electrostatic spraying method. The powder is spraded onto the pre-heated tube surface, and then a dense layer coating formed after the tube cool down. The advantages for this type of coating is have good corrosion resistance, less environmenetal pollution, wide using temperature range ( ranges from 60 degrees to 100 degrees), large tube adhesion, impact resistance, less welding damage, water resistance, electrical insulation etc. While the disadvantages are vulnerable to inquiry, high technical requirements, complex equipment needed. Therefore, it is very difficult to manage the construction filed. Different manufacturers, or even different batches of product performance differences. We advise the purchasers, when they make the desicion, their choice should focus on its mechanical properties and adhesion resistance.  

The using time for buried pipeline is critical. So far, PE anti-corrotion coating is considered to be the most advanced coating in the world due to its chemical stability, mechanical resistance, scratch resistance etc. 

Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe

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